• The golden book of chemistry experiments

    The golden book  of chemistry experiments

    The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments, written by Robert Brent and illustrated by Harry Lazarus, is a 1960s children's book that tells kids how they can set up a home chemistry lab to conduct simple chemistry experiments. Supposedly the US government had the book removed from libraries and banned for sale on the grounds that the projects were too dangerous for kids. I don't know whether the banned-book story is true or not, but The...

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  • Electrode Potentials

     Electrode Potentials

    Electrode potential, E, in electrochemistry, according to an IUPAC definition,[1] is the electromotive force of a cell built of two electrodes: on the left-hand side is the standard hydrogen electrode, and on the right-hand side is the electrode the potential of which is being defined. By convention

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  • The cartoon giude o chemistry

    The cartoon giude o chemistry

    If you have ever suspected that "heavy water" is the title of a bootleg Pink Floyd album, believed that surface tension is an anxiety disorder, or imagined that a noble gas is the result of a heavy meal at Buckingham Palace, then you need The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry to set you on the road to chemical literacy.

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    Plant research has stood at the forefront of the genomics revolution. One of the first genome projects, the sequencing of the commonly used model organism Arabidopsis, has already yielded important results for the study of a broad array of crops such as corn and soybeans. With crop and food bioengineering only in its infancy, the need to understand the fundamental genetic mechanisms of plants will only become more pressing.

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  • How to Write Blockbuster Sales Letters

    How to Write Blockbuster Sales Letters

    "Amazing returns on my mailings" "Ben Hart has given me the secret to getting into the mind of my customer and generating amazing returns on my mailings. With just a few simple changes to my own writing, I am already seeing dramatic results. Thank you for this powerful, step-by-step formula for creating 'Blockbuster Sales Letters'." Valerie Hasara Editor, OyesUcan.com "Absolutely the best in the business" "Ben Hart is absolutely the best in...

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  • Getting Started in Consulting

    Getting Started in Consulting

    A new revision of the successful guidebook for novice consultants Getting Started in Consulting, Second Edition provides practical solutions and proven strategies for launching a consulting business. Readers will learn how low overhead and a high degree of organization can translate into a six-figure income working from a home office. The book also offers key information on how to finance a consulting practice, how to write proposals, how to...

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  • Force: Character Design from Life Drawing

    Force: Character Design from Life Drawing

    Design creative characters inspired by real people. Let Mike Mattesi show you how to use life drawing to discover the poses, features and personalities which form the basis of character and then build, develop and 'PUSH' your drawings to new heights of dramatic and visual impact for believable characters audiences can relate to. Packed with color illustrations and photographs of the models who inspired them. With step-by-step explanation of...

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  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - Volume 3

    Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - Volume 3

    This Dartmouth Medal-winning 3-volume set presents 600 articles on food and its place in human culture and society, covering everything from agronomy to zucchini. Students, academics and general researchers will find entries on everything from food preparation, distribution and storage to holidays and festivals, nutrition and health, and cultures and cuisines. The Encyclopedia's multidisciplinary articles -- including: Comfort Food, Ethnicity...

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  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - Volume 2

    Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - Volume 2

    The Encyclopedia of Food and Culture is all about food: a single authoritative source about the most essential element of daily life. Here you will find articles by food historians, anthropologists, chefs and bakers, nutritionists and dieticians, farmers, agronomists and horticulturists, food stylists, and specialists in the culinary arts. In developing the encyclopedia, the editors took special care to make the content interesting and the...

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  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - Volume 1

    Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - Volume 1

    Editor Katz describes this work as being “all about food: a single authoritative source about the most essential element of daily life.” Content is organized alphabetically around a selection of 27 general themes, from the elemental (e.g. staple foods and the biological basis of nutrition) to the complex (e.g. commodification, religious and cultural symbolism, and the psychology of eating); from the pre-historic to the post-modern era to...

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  • David Bellamy's Watercolour Landscape Course

    David Bellamy's Watercolour Landscape Course

    This step–by–step course by artist–teacher David Bellamy shows you how paint successful watercolor landscapes right from the start. In this section you are introduced to the basic technigues of watercolour painting. At this stage you will be carefully guided along the way, while you become familiar with your materials. The essential groundwork is covered here, including such topics as application of paint, mixing colours, using tone...

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  • Accounting Best Practices

    Accounting Best Practices

    New best practices for the evolving business Everyone knows that adopting accounting best practices can improve efficiency and reduce error rates in the accounting department, but less obvious are the benefits gained from better reporting of information to other parts of the company. More accurate data reported faster can play an integral role in both short- and long-term strategic planning. Accounting guru Steven Bragg explains how to...

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