When HTML was first developed, Web pages were static Static Web pages cannot change after the browser renders them HTML and XHTML could only be used to produce static documents. JavaScript Client-side scripting language that allows Web page authors to develop interactive Web pages and sites csehui.wordpress.com Computer Science & Engineering JavaScript and Client-Side Scripting LOGO Client-side scripting:  Scripting...

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  • Golgi and lysosome

    Golgi and lysosome

    Lysosomes are cellular organelles that contain acid hydrolase enzymes that break down waste materials and cellular debris. These are non-specific.[clarify] They can be described as the stomach of the cell. They are found in animal cells, while their existence in yeasts and plants are disputed. Some biologists say the same roles are performed by lytic vacuoles, while others suggest there is strong evidence that lysosomes are indeed in some...

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  • Supply, Demand and Government Policies

    Supply, Demand and Government Policies

    Supply, Demand and Government Policies Chapter 6e .Supply, Demand, and Government Policies In a free, unregulated market system, market forces establish equilibrium prices and exchange quantities. x While equilibrium conditions may be efficient, it

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  • Viruses and Worms

    Viruses and Worms

    Worm: A program that makes copies of itself; for example, from one disk drive to another, or by copying itself using email or another transport mechanism. The worm may do damage and compromise the security of the computer. It may arrive in the form of a joke program or software of some sort. - Symantec Security Response Glossary Virus: A program or code that replicates; that is, infects another program, boot sector, partition sector, or...

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  • Ti thể - mitochondria

    Ti thể - mitochondria

    Ti thể (tiếng Anh: mitochondrion (số nhiều: mitochondrion)) là bào quan phổ biến ở các tế bào nhân chuẩn có lớp màng kép và hệ gene riêng. Ty thể được coi là trung tâm năng lượng của tế bào vì là nơi chuyển hóa các chất hữu cơ thành năng lượng tế bào có thể sử dụng được là ATP. Nguồn gốc của ty thể được coi như là một dạng vi khuẩn (xem thêm...

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  • System Hacking

    System Hacking

    Objective Password cracking Password attacks Identifying various password cracking tools Formulating countermeasures for password cracking Escalating privileges Executing applications Keyloggers and Spywares Spywares and keyloggers countermeasures Hiding files Understanding rootkits The use of Steganography Covering tracks Offline Attacks Offline attacks are time consuming LM Hashes are much more vulnerable due to smaller key space and...

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  • Thinking Like an Economist

    Thinking Like an Economist

    Thinking Like an Economist Chapter 2 .Every field of study has its own terminology Mathematics axioms integrals vector spaces Psychology ego id cognitive dissonance torts Law Promissory estoppel venues Harcourt, Inc. items and derived items

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  • Consumers, Producers, and the Efficiency of Markets

    Consumers, Producers, and the Efficiency of Markets

    Consumers, Producers, and the Efficiency of Markets Chapter 7 .Revisiting the Market Equilibrium Do the equilibrium price and quantity maximize the total welfare of buyers and sellers? Market equilibrium reflects the way markets allocate scarce

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  • Question-Oriented Multi Docu- ment Summarization

    Question-Oriented Multi Docu- ment Summarization

    Sử dụng mạng ngữ nghĩa (Tri thức miền) Wordnet Wikipedia Phân tích chủ đề Hidden topic Phân tích chủ đề bằng Wordnet - Sử dụng các tri thức miền(Ontology) tương ứng với từng chủ đề cụ thể để tăng cường ngữ nghĩa

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  • Public Goods and Common Resources

    Public Goods and Common Resources

    Public goods are things which can be used by the masses without diminishing their value, such as street signs and clean air. They possess the principle of non excludability as well as are non-rival in consumption. i.e. you cannot exclude anyone from using them and the use of that commodity by one person will not reduce the availabilty of it for another person.

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  • Lecture 7: Inheritance

    Lecture 7: Inheritance

    In object-oriented programming (OOP), inheritance is a way to reuse code of existing objects, or to establish a subtype from an existing object, or both, depending upon programming language support. In classical inheritance where objects are defined by classes, classes can inherit attributes and behavior from pre-existing classes called base classes, superclasses, parent classes or ancestor classes

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  • Enumeration


    An enumerated type (also called enumeration or enum, or factor in the R programming language, and a categorical variable in statistics) is a data type consisting of a set of named values called elements, members or enumerators of the type. The enumerator names are usually identifiers that behave as constants in the language. A variable that has been declared as having an enumerated type can be assigned any of the enumerators as a value. In...

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